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The Marin County Public Law Library provides free access to legal research and materials to all who enter its doors. Over the last couple of decades the demographic of patrons served shifted to where now, more than half of the Library's 4000 annual patrons are self-represented. 

But as the number of self-represented patrons grew, the operating funds of the Public Law Library decreased 30%. That’s because there was an increase in private arbitration cases. That lowered the number of civil court filings, which cost a plaintiff $450, from which the library receives a small portion of those fees which has not increased in more than ten years.


The newly established Friends of the Marin County Public Law Library raises funds to recover that loss. Funds raised will supplement the salaries of the librarians as well recover and maintain salient legal publications. 


The Friends’ purpose begins where the county funds end. 


The Friends is a separate, 501 c-3 with a separate board from the public law library board of trustees, unencumbered by the Brown Act.


Help self-represented patrons have their day in court.

Your support makes all the difference.

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Sponsorship entitles you to special benefits including public recognition of your commitment to the Public Law Library and our ability to provide our best services and programs.

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