We've been here for our community for over 125 years

The Friends of the Marin County Public Law Library was established in 2017 as a 501c3 California not for profit entity to support the Marin County Public Law Libary.


The Marin County Public Law Library has a long history, opening its doors over 125 years ago in 1891 for practicing lawyers who needed access to legal research materials. But over the last few decades, more and more self-represented patrons have found their way to the Law Library doors. Now, of the 4000 patrons who come into the Public Law Library each year, almost half are unable to secure legal representation and so must represent themselves. This became clear both in our own experience at the Library and from the publication of this report about the “justice gap” in California


They come to the Public Law Library for help, and they find it here.


The budgets of all county law libraries in California are derived from a portion of the filing fees for civil cases. Since 2009 our budget has declined 30%, not only because of the challenging economic downturn but also due to a proliferation of alternative dispute resolution services. 


Like all law libraries we’ve had to cut staff, let go of important subscriptions, and pull back on the number of hours we’re open and in that we lost weekends. But our staff and board have done an excellent job in that other libraries are open less hours than ours on a larger budget. 


Public Law Library Goals Over the Next Few Years


Our goals are simple: hold our ground, reach more people so that they know about the Public Law Library, extend our hours, recapture subscriptions we have lost, increase the compensation of our staff, and engage more staff for an increased capacity to serve. The Public Law Library is committed to continuing to serve and to adapt our resources to the needs of our patrons as times change.


Your Support


As a Public Law Library supporter, you make the Library possible. You are helping us move towards achieving our goals of reaching more people, extending our hours, providing appropriate staff compensation and engaging new staff to better serve our community. Click here to see the different ways you can contribute your support to the library, or simply click here to make a secure donation now.

The Friends of the Marin County Public Law Library is a registered California Not for Profit with the IRS tax number of 82-1731712.

If you have any questions please contact us at or call us, 415-261-8436.


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